Portability Portal


Thank you for choosing Jonesboro Housing Authority!  Please review the following information if you are interested in Porting into our jurisdiction.


JHA’s Billing Code is GA228

If you would like to port (move) to JHA’s jurisdiction, please have your current public housing agency send the required information to the address below.  If you would like inquire as to whether or not JHA has received your paperwork, PLEASE DO NOT CALL!  All inquiries as to whether or not JHA has received your paperwork should be emailed to portability@jonesborohousing.com.  Please make sure you have temporary housing arranged prior to porting to Clayton County/Jonesboro Housing Authority.  The average lease time is Currently 60 to 90 days from the time JHA receives your Portability Package.

Jonesboro Housing Authority
C/O:  Angie Robinson
P.O. Box 458
Jonesboro, GA 30237


Telephone:  (770) 478-7282  Ext. 1018

JHA’s Current Payment Standards Vary by Zip Code – Effective October 2022 JHA’s Payment Standards Range From:

1 – Bedroom = $1,144 to $1,661
2 – Bedroom = $1,287 to $1,881
3 – Bedroom = $1,562 to $2,288
4 – Bedroom = $1,914 to $2,794
5 – Bedroom = $2,201 to $3,213
6 – Bedroom = $2,488 to $3,632

*Payment Standard Are Used to Help Determine What a Resident’s Rent Amount Will Be – Payment Standards DO NOT Equal The Amount A Resident Will Qualify For In Rent!

JHA’s Policy for Voucher/Bedroom Sizes is as Follows:

Voucher Size Persons in Household
1 1-2
2 3-4
3 5-6
4 7-8
5 9-10

JHA covers all of Clayton County!  If you are unsure about the location of a property, please ask the owner/property manager who they pay taxes to – IT MUST BE CLAYTON COUNTY!

Please allow Ten (10) Business Days from the date your Public Housing Agency sent JHA your paperwork to schedule an appointment.  Please Click Here or on the link below to download your Initial Certification Application Packet.  This will need to be filled out and brought with you to your briefing!

Click Here for Initial Certification Application Packet

Briefings are Scheduled Every Tuesday of the Month

JHA Covers All of Clayton County.  The following is the list of Cities and Zip Codes JHA Covers:

College Park 30337 * & 30349
Conley 30288
Ellenwood 30294 *
Fayetteville 30215 *
Forest Park 30297
Hampton 30228 *
Jonesboro 30236 * & 30238 *
Lake City 30260
Lovejoy 30250
Morrow 30260
Rex 30273 *
Riverdale 30274 & 30296 *
Stockbridge 30281 *

*  Zip Codes may cross county lines.  It is important to ask the landlord what county they pay taxes to IT MUST BE CLAYTON COUNTY!

You may also enter in your address to see if it is in Clayton County by clicking on the following link: