Initial Portability Briefing

Initial Portable Briefing

The Jonesboro Housing Authority (JHA) would like to welcome you to our Housing Authority.  Due to the current pandemic COVID-19, JHA will be having online briefings instead of having briefings at our office.  Please Make sure you watch the video below and go through all the steps listed below and fill out the forms.  You may drop them off in our drop box in front of our building or preferably E-mail them to

1.  Click Here to Watch the Welcome to the Housing Choice Voucher Program

2.  Click Here to See Things Portable Tenants Should Know (This form is also in the portable briefing packet, but JHA wants to make sure residents know these things)

3.  Click Here to Download / Print Out JHA Portability Packet.  You will need to fill this out and either scan and E-mail back to JHA or drop these forms off in JHA’s drop box.

4.  Once JHA has received the information Packet Above and Updated Income, you will receive a Voucher, a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) packet and Rent Estimates.  Be sure you have included all Social Security Cards, Photo Id’s and Birth Certificates as this would delay JHA from issuing your Voucher!

Please be patient on receiving your Voucher, RTA and Estimate due to normal office hours being interrupted due to COVID-19!